Right Care Action Week

Save the Date:
Right Care Action Week 2018 is October 14-20!

What is Right Care Action Week?

For one week in October — Right Care Action Week — people around the country join together and take action to show what our health care system should look like.

No matter your role in the health care system, be it a nurse, family member, public health student, physician, patient, community member, or something else, you can get involved and lead activities during Right Care Action Week.

RCAW 2018 – The High Cost of Health Care

Every year, more than 500,000 Americans go bankrupt because they cannot afford their medical bills. Even those with insurance report having to cut back on food, clothing, and other necessities to pay for health care. From surprise out-of-network costs to prescription drugs, Americans are paying out the nose for medical care – and we cannot afford it.

This year for Right Care Action Week, from October 14-20, we are uniting our communities to expose and protest the reasons behind high health care costs.





Hundreds of Right Care Alliance members across the country will be planning events to share their experiences with high health care costs, find other people who care, and identify solutions that we can do individually and collectively. 

  • What Worries You? Pass out “What Worries You” cards in your hospital, classroom, community center, etc., that ask people to identify their biggest worries around health care costs. You can also set up a table at a hospital, fair, farmer’s market or anywhere in the community to talk with people about their experiences with health care costs.


Materials for all events

Social media

Using social media is a great way to stay updated on RCAW events and get others involved! Here are some tools to help you be a RCAW social media wizard:

  • Twitter – Use the hashtag #RCAW18 and follow @RightCareNow to see what other members are doing and to join in the conversation. Other hashtags you can use include #RightCare and #PatientsOverProfits.
  • Facebook – Follow the Right Care Alliance on Facebook to see longer posts and threads.
  • Blog – Share our blog posts with friends and colleagues to get them excited about RCAW! We have a blog series featuring RCAW events and another exploring the drivers of high health care costs.
  • Images – You can download these images and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to quickly and powerfully convey why we need to take action on high health care costs:


If you would like to be a Right Care Action Week partner, email rcaw@lowninstitute.org.

Questions? Contact us at rcaw@lowninstitute.org.

Thank you for a fantastic Right Care Action Week 2017!

From all of us on staff at the Right Care Alliance, a big thank you to everyone who organized and participated in Right Care Action Week this year! For more information on RCAW 2017, see the event recaps on our blog and the Right Care Action Week Report!

May 12 was our National Day of Action on insulin – watch the video recap!