VIDEO: “No one should be next!” Gravestone delivery to Sanofi

On Tuesday March 5, a dozen patients, clinicians, and activists from Right Care Boston delivered six gravestones bearing the names of the six people who have died in the past few years from insulin rationing. Three of these deaths — … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Gravestones of insulin-rationing victims delivered to Sanofi drug corporation

The activists brought the four-foot tall plywood gravestones to the Sanofi entrance and secured them to metal posts with heavy gauge wire, then told the stories of Jesse Lutgen, Micah Fischer, and Meaghan Carter.

PRESS STATEMENT: Lilly half-price insulin; the Right Care Alliance response

The fact that Lilly thinks they deserve praise for charging a 2,500 percent markup on their insulin instead of a 5,000 percent markup shows you just how dysfunctional the system is.

“How many more?” Family mourns the loss of Meaghan Carter

In May 2018, Mindi Patterson signed the Right Care Alliance Mother’s Day Card, sending a message to insulin manufacturers that they need to lower insulin prices. Six months later, Mindi’s sister-in-law Meaghan Carter died from the same thing that killed Alec and Antavia — diabetic ketoacidosis from insulin rationing.

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Humans of Right Care: Mary O’Connor Mack

The newest story from Humans of Right Care, from Boston member Mary O’Connor Mack.