What we did on Right Care Action Week 2018!

These groups came together on Right Care Action Week to ask doctors and patients, “What worries you most?” about health care! Follow our hashtag #RCAW18 on Twitter to see more photos and tweets from the week!

Frontier Nursing University

Community members with their What Worries You cards, at an event organized by Jennifer Carter at the First Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs, TX

Frontier Nursing University was the most active group during Right Care Action Week, with 17 events throughout the week! Activities included Right Care Cafes, lectures, What Worries You cards, digital and in-person meetings. 

At one event, military families shared their concerns with health care costs — even though they had insurance, many participants reported struggling with out of pocket costs. 

RCA members at Frontier Nursing University held a Right Care Cafe on Tuesday, October 16. Acclaimed nurse-midwife and leader in the nurse-midwife movement Kitty Ernst spoke to nursing students about how integrating midwifery into obstetric care can help improve women’s health and reduce costs.

National Partnership for Women & Families

Staff at the National Partnership for Women & Families identified a lot of common health care concerns by doing the What Worries You exercise, including lack of access and quality of care in rural areas, losing insurance access because of pre-existing conditions, bias from providers, and clinicians not listening to patients.  

Here’s a gallery of some of the What Worries You cards from the event!

Medshadow Foundation

Medshadow Foundation staff identified the cost of health care as their biggest worry. “Will the high costs force me to cut back on other monthly expenses?” wrote one participant.

Other RCAW events included a What Worries You session with nursing students at the Galen College of Nursing, led by faculty instructor Amanda Huber; a What Worries You event with staff and patients at Advanced Urology Department in Clarksville TN, organized by family nurse practitioner Shaun Kueter; a Right Care Cafe led by Diana Ancona at the Heart of Florida Medical Center; and a “Know Your Patient” event at St. Louis University, led by medical students.

Thanks to everyone who organized and participated in Right Care Action Week!