Organ donation: A gift given or privilege taken?

Is there a difference between someone who dies on a transplant list waiting for an organ and someone who dies in need of an organ, but was never listed because of their inability to pay?

Infection control in hospitals: Good or just “good enough”?

Are we doing as much as we can to prevent hospital-acquired infections?

“Insulin is liquid gold”: RC Gainesville hosts town hall on insulin prices

On July 31, the Gainesville chapter of the Right Care Alliance partnered with the University of Florida Department of Pediatric Endocrinology to present a Town Hall meeting on insulin prices.

Medicine’s war on science

Dr. Arthur Curtis explains why overuse in medicine is an open secret.

Gainesville chapter leader publishes op-ed on insulin

Dr. Brittany Bruggeman, Gainesville pediatrician and RCA chapter leader, recently had an op-ed about insulin prices published in The Gainesville Sun.

VIDEO: Marching on pharma for Mother’s Day

Check out our video of Mother’s Day marches for affordable insulin, including delivering the Mother’s Day card to Sanofi!

Why you could pay a $15 co-pay for a $2 drug

What you need to know about the mysterious “PBMs,” by RCA intern Doly Han

Hey buddy, can you spare some insulin?

One man’s quest to get insulin for a fellow diabetic.

News and Pictures: Mother’s Day events for Affordable Insulin

Read about the RCA Mother’s Day rallies across the country for affordable insulin!

Mother’s Day Action on Insulin Featured in US Rep. Schakowsky Remarks

At a May 10, 2018 press conference by leading congressional Democrats, US Representative Jan Schakowsky focused her remarks on the Mother’s Day Action on Insulin campaign being led by the Right Care Alliance: Sunday is Mother’s Day and I am … Read more

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