Opening Our Schools: When and How? During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Opening Our Schools: When and How?

With the start of schools and universities fast approaching, now is an important time for everyone to be educated on how to best protect themselves and others from COVID-19 during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Right Care Alliance Gainesville held  a Town Hall Meeting on July 15th at 5pm via Zoom in order to educate the public and answer questions about what opening our schools will look like. 

The imminent return of students to the University of Florida campus and K-12 schools may be causing confusion or fear for the citizens of Gainesville. There are many uncertainties surrounding what new rules and securities will be put into place, and we hoped to be of help to those who have these questions. This forum presented medical information from infectious disease specialist Dr. Frederick Southwick of UF Health, and two experts from UF Pediatrics who are studying the opening of PK Yonge our UF experimental School for K-12: Dr. Eric Nelson and Sarah McKune PhD an expert on social determinants of health.

Below is the recording of the meeting: