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What is Right Care Action Week?

From October 16-22, 2016, during Right Care Action Week, people around the country will join together and take action to show what our health care system should look like. No matter what your role is in the health care system, whether you’re a physician, nurse, public health student, patient, family member, community member or something else, you can take part and lead activities during Right Care Action Week.

Our health care system has strayed from its mission: Health care that is effective, affordable, needed and wanted by well-informed patients, and especially, free of clinical decisions that are made with financial or business considerations.

Right Care Action Week is an initiative where clinicians, patients, and the public come together to show what health care can and should look like. Join us!

RCAW 'Listening For Action' Activities

Listening Booth
Set up a booth in a hallway or park, and ask passersby to talk about their health care, and their broader thoughts about our health care system. Have conversations with your friends, coworkers, family or community members about your health care experiences, good and bad!
Story Slam
Host a storytelling event where people share their stories about right care, bad care, and/or why they're involved with this movement.
What Worries You Most?
If you're a clinician, call your patients and have a 5-minute conversation about what worries them the most, or what they wish they could talk about with their clinicians.

If you're not a clinician, have this conversation with friends, family, or other members of your community.

Be Part of the RCAW Team

  • Core Outreach Team: We are in need of a clinician, nurse, nursing student, medical student, and community member who will help ensure involvement and participation from various health care and non-health care professionals
  • Outreach Captains: People who will recruit 10 people in either their city or area of interest (specialty, profession, community group, etc) to put on RCAW events
  • Event Organizers: People who commit to plan an event in their city
  • Participants: People who will show up to an event in their area

Download Flyers and Share With Friends

Still have questions? Don't know who to contact? Let us know.