Images from Right Care Action Week 2016


What is Right Care Action Week?

For one week in October —  Right Care Action Week —  people around the country join together and take action to show what our health care system should look like. No matter what their role is in the health care system, whether a physician, nurse, public health student, patient, family member, community member or something else, they get involved and lead activities during Right Care Action Week.

This October we had more than 110 #RCAW events with more than 3,000 participants in dozens of states. With our powers combined, we celebrated a remarkable week of sharing and listening to stories about why the fight for right care is so important.

Our health care system has strayed from its mission: Health care that is effective, affordable, needed and wanted by well-informed patients, and especially, free of clinical decisions that are made with financial or business considerations.

Right Care Action Week is an initiative through which clinicians, patients, and the public come together to show what health care can and should look like.

Please join us next October for #RCAW 2017!


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