What is Right Care Action Week?

For one week in October —  Right Care Action Week —  people around the country join together and take action to show what our health care system should look like.

No matter your role in the health care system, be it a nurse, family member, public health student, physician, patient, community member, or something else, you can get involved and lead activities during Right Care Action Week.

Right Care Action Week 2017 – The High Cost of Health Care

Every year, more than 500,000 Americans go bankrupt because they cannot afford their medical bills. Even those with insurance report having to cut back on food, clothing, and other necessities to pay for health care. From surprise out-of-network costs to prescription drugs, Americans are paying out the nose for medical care – and we cannot afford it.

This year for Right Care Action Week, from October 15-21, we are uniting our communities to expose and protest the reasons behind high health care costs.

The week will culminate in a national digital Citizens’ Hearing on October 21st, where we will put the health care system on trial for the harms high costs have caused in our communities.

Right Care Alliance members are encouraged to gather evidence of these harms by holding “Right Care Cafe” conversations, Listening Booths, and What Worries You activities to stand up to high costs and talk about our own experiences.

Right Care Action Week Events

Hundreds of Right Care Alliance members across the country will be planning events to share their experiences with high health care costs, finding other people who care, and identifying solutions that we can do individually and collectively. These events are:

  • Right Care Café: Get together with friends, neighbors, and colleagues to talk about the costs of care, gather evidence of expensive costs, and talk about ideas of how we can make changes. 
  • Listening Booth: Set up a table at a hospital, fair, farmer’s market or anywhere in the community to talk with people about their experiences with health care costs. 
  • What Worries You Cards: Pass out cards in your hospital, classroom, community center, etc., that ask people to identify their biggest worries around health care costs.
  • Digital Citizen’s Hearing: On October 21st from 12-1pm, RCA members from across the country will meet online to discuss what they’ve learned from Right Care Action Week, and put the health care system on trial for putting profits over patients!

We have all the materials you need to organize an event on our RCAW Resources Page.


We are able to fund Right Care Action Week events.

  • Up to $75 for small events (15 people or less participating)
  • Up to $250 for big events (16 people or more participating)

Ready to join hundreds of people across the country taking action for right care? Sign up now!

Read our 2016 RCAW report and see pictures from the events last year:


Questions? Contact us at rcaw@lowninstitute.org.