The Right Care Alliance (RCA) is a grassroots coalition of clinicians, patients, and community members organizing to make health care institutions accountable to their communities and put patients, not profits, at the heart of health care.




COVID@College: Julia from Yale University

By Selin Tukel, Posted December 10th, 2020 A Note from the Interviewer: As a college student myself during unprecedented times like these, I found that my whole life at my university has changed drastically due to COVID-19. Though I was experiencing … Read more

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Nashville Town Hall with Dr. Carleen Sabusap

Dr. Carleen Sabusap, a post-doc scientist and researcher of cystic fibrosis medicines at Vanderbilt University, organized a Town Hall for residents of Nashville on July 6, 2020. Carleen talked about how to access tests and other resources, and about the history … Read more

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