Patient Care, Not Profiteering!

Join Our Fight Against Absurd Hospital Prices and Oppressive Medical Debt

Did you know that U.S. hospitals charge wildly different prices for the same procedure, depending on what type of insurance you have? And did you know that they often charge the highest prices to people with no insurance? And there are 23 million people nationwide with medical debt totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.

That’s not fair, and we can fight for something better.

The Right Care Alliance is a grassroots organization that believes in genuinely universal health care and community control of the health system. If you share those values, please join us as we fight against hospitals’ and insurance companies’ profiteering. Together, we can fight for a world without oppressive medical debt.

If you’ve been harmed by outrageous health care prices or by medical debt, please share your story. Help us build a movement for a health system based on human needs, not the profit motive.

Tell us your story: How have medical costs and medical debt affected your life?

Has your life been shaped by medical debt or outrageous medical bills? Please share your story with us. Together, we can build a movement to fight for a genuinely equitable, community-controlled health system.






A bandaid won't heal the problem of high medical costs

  • Nearly one-quarter of US adults report that they or another member in their household have halved or skipped prescription doses due to cost.
  • Four in ten have delayed necessary care due to cost, while one-third of Americans have skipped recommended treatment altogether.
  • Banks and private equity are cashing in when patients can’t afford their medical bills. An estimated 12 million Americans are enrolled in payment plans with interests rates which can be as high as 13%.
  • Medical debt deepens the racial health and wealth gaps in the United States. Nearly 28% of Black American households are affected by medical debt, while the rate for non-Hispanic white households is just over 17%.

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