Medical Billing Resources

The Right Care Alliance (RCA) aims for an upheaval of the healthcare system itself, given the deeply-rooted deficiencies in American healthcare. At the same time, we recognize the immediate needs of people facing medical debt, issues with medical billing, and in the overall navigation of U.S. healthcare. Accordingly, the RCA has compiled a running clearinghouse of resources to support patients before, during, and after the process of receiving and paying for medical services, and strengthen our collective ability to advocate for our rights.


  • Next steps: Call to Action
    • Attend one of the Right Care Alliance’s virtual or in-person events on the topic of medical debt
    • Join the Letter to the Editor (LTE) team to share your perspective on predatory medical billing practices.
    • Write a letter to a hospital in your area demanding they stop all debt-collection activities an cancel their patients’ existing debts.
    • Reach out to your locally elected official to implement regulatory and legislative relief for patients dealing with medical debt.
    • Raise money and funds for organizations like the RCA, who are fighting to end the status quo in exorbitant health care billing practices.

Join the movement to fight this systemically, get rid of medical debt for everybody!


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