We Say No to Aduhelm, Here’s Why

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the drug Aduhelm (Aducanumab) for Alzheimer’s treatment thought it has not been clinically proven to work and will cost $56,000 a year. The Right Care Alliance is currently organizing clinicians, patients and community members to fight against the approval and use of this drug.

A Note from Patients and Families

There is reason to be concerned about the efficacy of this drug. It has failed to live up to expectations in clinical trials. The whopping $56k per year price tag give us significant cause for concern. More and more influential hospital systems are declaring they will not be offering it to their patients — including MassGeneralBrigham in Boston, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai in New York and others.    

We look forward to working with you in order to expose this disastrous, expensive and hasty FDA decision. A decision and a drug which has shown little to no efficacy in diminishing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Pledge

Please sign on to this campaign effort and our pledge. Join with us in organizing collectively and effectively against the use of Aduhelm a drug approval that has recently been described by a former FDA official as “ the worst FDA decision in US history.”




Aduhelm Town Hall

On July 28th at the Aduhelm Town Hall, we heard from a variety of speakers enraged by the FDA’s recent approval of Biogen’s new drug aducanumab (Aduhelm). Dr. Aaron Kesselheim cautioned us that there is insufficient evidence that this drug prevents decline of cognitive function. Linda Furlini believes she cannot have confidence in a drug that’s own advisory panel is conflicted over its accelerated approval method. And according to Dr. Peter Whitehouse, member of the RCA Long Term Care Council, instead of wasting money “on a drug whose benefit has not been adequately demonstrated,” we should invest in public health, education, and communities.

After hearing from these speakers, we heard from Sharon Moon, a member of the RCA executive committee, who shared a powerful story about her grandfather who lived with Alzheimer’s. 

The Right Care Alliance concluded by calling for the American public to join them in holding pharmaceutical and biotech industries such as the FDA and Biotech responsible for their harmful and predatory actions, and calling on hospitals not to administer Aduhelm.

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