Right Care Alliance

Why join the Right Care Alliance?


Because you know that…

  • Profit-driven overuse, under-use, and misuse of tests and treatments has subverted the meaning and purpose of our work as healthcare providers.
  • A much better healthcare system is achievable, but current incremental reforms are inadequate.
  • It’s time for doctors, nurses, other providers, and civic, religious, business and labor leaders to work together to ensure that health care exists for the benefit of patients, communities and society.
Take Action
Right Care Action Week
Participate in this year's Right Care Action Week which will take place from October 16-22, 2016 around the country.
Join Together
Join a Council
Join one of our 15 councils to meet like-minded individuals in your area of interest. Collaborate on projects that help raise awareness around issues of right care.
Get Smarter
What are the issues?
Learn about the issues currently plaguing the healthcare system. A great resource is RightCare Weekly.