The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on January 11 that Medicare will not pay for Aduhelm except in the setting of clinical trials. After looking at the existing clinical evidence, they found very little evidence that Aduhelm would improve the health outcomes of Medicare beneficiaries.

However, that coverage decision isn’t final

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has long utilized public comment to make decisions. During the first comment period for Aduhelm in July of 2021, over 130 public comments were reviewed. After the release of CMS’ decision memorandum, the second comment period has now begun. This public comment period lasts only 30 days; therefore, we have until February 10th to share our opinions. Subsequently, after the comment period is closed, CMS will review all the submitted comments and make a final decision on April 11th, 2022.

This is urgent. The big-pharma sector has already announced that it’s going to try to flood CMS with comments. Spewing demands that CMS cover Aduhelm broadly, despite the risks and the lack of evidence. We ask you join us to fight back by organizing comments in support of the CMS decision — and maybe even requesting that they go further.

How to Write a Comment: In 4 Quick and Easy Steps

  1. Go to CMS’ National Coverage Analysis page for Aduhelm comments which can be found here
  2. Fill out the required identification information and write your comment to CMS
  3. Click submit on the bottom right of the page
  4. Let us know you contributed by clicking here!

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What to Write

We recommend starting your comment with a basic statement of support for the proposed CMS decision. Something like:  “I strongly support…”, “I strongly agree…” or “I congratulate Medicare administrators…”. Statements such as these, make  your stance on Aduhelm clear to the reader. Importantly, after your approval statement, we recommend you expand your comment by drawing on one or more reasons you disapprove of Aduhelm. Be as succinct as you can, but we recommend at least 3 sentences. But remember, these comments do not have to be long to be effective. Use the sample below as an guide, but we want each response to be unique. So in conclusion, please use your own words.


Sample comment:

I applaud the decision to only pay for Aduhelm in the setting of a clinical trial because the evidence that this monoclonal antibody benefits patients is missing. The goal should be to improve Alzheimer’s patients’ ability to think and carry on the daily activities of life. To date there is no evidence that Aduhelm achieves these goals. I do not want to pay $11 extra per month for my Part B premium to fund a drug that doesn’t work!

Please send this information to your friends and family – we need lots of us writing comments to fight Big Pharma. Remember — the deadline is February 10 for comment submissions!


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