COVID@College is a student-run blog series where we share the stories of college students from across the globe during these unprecedented times. As COVID-19 has impacted everyone in numerous different ways, university students are now facing unique situations that continue to change every day. We wanted to give these young adults a platform to share their experiences with the world. Check it out!

COVID@College: Panhavoan

By Selin Tukel and Yujia Liao, Posted May 1st, 2021 Video by Yujia Liao What is your name and year in school? “My name is Panhavoan, my pronouns are he/him and I am a high school senior from Maryland.” How has … Read more

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COVID@College: Grace from UC Riverside

By Tracy Huang, Teehan McGinness and Selin Tukel, Posted March 19th, 2021 Video by Teehan McGinness What is your name, university, and year? “My name is Grace Liang, I go to University of California, Riverside. I’m a second-year, and I’m a … Read more

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COVID@College: Myranda From RIT

By Teehan McGinness and Selin Tukel, Posted March 19th, 2021 Video by Teehan McGinness What is your name, university, and year? “My name is Myranda D’Antico, I am a third year electrical engineer at Rochester Institute of Technology.” What course of … Read more

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Meet the Staff

A Note from the Blog Creator:

Selin Tukel

As a college student myself during unprecedented times like these, I found that my whole life at my university has changed drastically due to COVID-19. Though I was experiencing so many changes, I was curious as to what other students across the nation were experiencing as well. I sought out to learn about other students at their respective universities, and how my transition to college during COVID-19 compared to theirs. As I continued these conversations, I thought that they should not just stop here, but should be shared across the nation. I wanted to give college students from all over the opportunity to share their stories with anyone who’s willing to listen. This blog series is a pure and unfiltered version of “COVID@College.”


Notes from the Staff:

Tracy Huang

Since I am a college student myself whose life was drastically altered by COVID, I was extremely interested in talking to other college students and learning about their diverse experiences amidst the pandemic. I hope that reading the stories of college students from all over the country will provide you with different perspectives on how people are balancing COVID with university life, as well as solace that we are all facing these unique changes and challenges together.



Teehan McGinness

As plans for college this fall semester moved completely remote at my school, I was excited to hear about the variety of experiences people are having at different universities. Individuals sharing their experiences through stories and virtual interactions provided a rich glimpse into what it means to be a student in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope this blog provides the same ease to you as we all still navigate what being a student during this time means, and we continue sharing our own stories.


Yujia Liao

As an international student, my school life has been hugely influenced due to COVID, and many of my friends who also study abroad have similar experiences with me as well. As a result, I hope to record our experiences on both academic and social life from different universities or regions or even countries. Meanwhile, I also hope that our experiences can give support to students that are also being influenced or struggling during the pandemic, especially to those that are not able to share their feelings with others.


Vanessa Davis

Starting graduate school during 2020 meant COVID greatly influenced my academic journey. I completed a whole year in graduate school without meeting a single classmate in person or stepping a foot on campus. Sometimes I felt disconnected from my degree program because of it. There are many students like myself that had to experience college alone. This blog reminds us that we are not. We are all in this together. We can make it through anything when we share compassion and strength with one another. I love having the opportunity to share the stories of my fellow students, and I hope you enjoy reading them as well.


Catherine Linet Namuli

Being an International student during COVID, I faced the possibility of losing my student status due to an inability to attend in-person classes that were not being offered and have since been unable to visit family and friends back home in Uganda. Although my journey is unique to me, all college students and graduates at this time have experienced the pandemic for the first time, together. Our experiences have joined us in ways that transcend just education. By sharing and broadcasting our stories through this blog, I hope we can lift each other up and remind ourselves that we are not alone.