Women’s health council hosting multi-city write-a-thon

Building on the success of the first op-ed write-a-thon, members of the RCA Women’s Health Council are organizing another write-a-thon on Saturday, February 3rd, to give RCA members a designated space and peer support for writing op-eds on women’s health issues. 

Council chair Trina Hikel and intern Hannah George have led the organizing effort, holding calls with participants, confirming the meeting spaces and agenda, and promoting the event on social media. Unlike the previous write-a-thon which had one centralized location, this write-a-thon will have multiple “home bases” for participants to meet up in person, including sites in Vermont, Arizona, Michigan, and more. Writers in other areas will communicate via Skype to co-write pieces and get feedback from others.

Hikel and George are hoping that the day-long event will be a good community-building opportunity for members, as well as a way to get the message of Right Care to the media. Participants are already brainstorming topics for pieces, including:

  • The importance of birth centers in patient safety
  • Why does having a baby in the hospital cost so much? 
  • The dangers of mammogram over-testing
  • Right care in contraception options for young women
  • Sexual assault and Ob-Gyn care
  • How can we better support women who choose home birth?

To learn more about the write-a-thon and sign up for the event, contact Hannah@RightCareAlliance.org