What’s on deck for the RCA Patient Council in 2019?

As the Right Care Alliance’s most direct connection to the community at large, the Patient Council looks to tackle bread and butter issues that matter to people and families across the US, and beyond. We took part in the 2018 campaign against insulin pricing that hurts, and even kills, people with Type 1 diabetes who can’t survive without daily insulin. That campaign had some real impact, fueling the entire Right Care Alliance’s determination to drive change in the American healthcare system.

This year, we’re looking to take an idea we had toward the end of last year— our What Worries You Most About Healthcare survey — and push it out across America to get a real sense of what’s happening with healthcare on the ground, in communities across the country.

Our goal is to get as many responses as possible. We’ve tested the survey with a few groups, including the entire Right Care Alliance email list, and have gotten over 400 responses so far. What we’d like all members of the Patient Council, and the Right Care Alliance at large, to do is to share the survey link in the communities where they live and work. Our target audience for the survey is patients — people who are healthy, people with chronic conditions, family caregivers, all genders, all ages.

Helping us spread the What Worries You Most survey far and wide is our first 2019 goal, with the survey closing by March 1, 2019. Let’s see if we can get 5,000 responses!

We would also like to hear from you on issues you’re tackling on overtreatment, undertreatment, medical mistakes, and healthcare access. We’re putting together our action list options for 2019, and want to hear what’s on your radar – send us an email with your top patient-related issue in healthcare, and we’ll see what topics emerge as possible community campaign issues for 2019.