Organizing Tips – Recruiting for Right Care Action Week

It’s the beginning of September, so you know what that means – Right Care Action Week is just around the corner! From October 15-21, clinicians, patients, and community members all over the country will be getting together to protest and share stories about the harms caused by high health care costs. You can be a part of it by organizing an event for Right Care Action Week!

But you do not have to organize alone – recruiting others to help and be part of the event is a key part of building relationships that will last beyond Right Care Action Week. Here are some tips for how to reach out and ask your friends and colleagues to lead or join an event for Right Care Action Week:

  • The best ways to recruit are through a telephone call or face-to-face meeting. Email is ubiquitous these days, but a more personal method of reaching out is much more effective.
  • Tell the other person why you wanted to speak with them, specifically, about joining Right Care Action Week. Were you inspired by something they said, or do you share certain values? Telling somebody why they impress you may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but specificity and honesty are important and worth it.
  • Tell the other person your story of why you decided to get involved in Right Care Action Week and ask them what they care about. Make it a conversation, not just talking at the other person.
  • After describing Right Care Action Week and the details about your event, give them a direct question, such as: “Will you join me at this event?” or “Will you lead a Right Care Action Week event in your community?” Don’t leave without asking for a commitment!

Good luck organizing and recruiting! Check back on the blog for more organizing tips leading up to RCAW and other resources.