Campaign for affordable drug prices

May 12 will be our National Day of Action on insulin prices. Stay tuned for more information and contact to get involved.

Out-of-control drug prices are causing our country, our economy, and our people to suffer. We can’t depend on politicians or big corporations to make things better. They hold all the power, yet their actions keep making things worse.

Americans have a right to health—and that means a right to access the drugs they need at affordable prices

The RCA Campaign for Affordable Drug Prices is a national campaign led by RCA chapter members. We are educating, organizing, and mobilizing a broad network of doctors, nurses, patient-advocates, and everyday people to fight from both inside and outside the system. Drugs don’t work if people can’t afford them, and we are challenging those in power to put out-of-control drug prices to an end.

Target #1: High insulin prices are killing Americans