Political Education Study Groups

Our Political Education Study Groups are groups of RCA Members sharing an intellectual and comfortable conversation while they teach and learn from each other. These RCA study groups are to help us all better understand how the American healthcare system currently works, to imagine what sort of world we can create, and what a future system could look like. Participants with a variety of backgrounds and experiences get the chance to learn about healthcare issues and share their own stories. These groups are open and welcoming brave spaces. For the foreseeable future, all study groups are online. Please come with an open mind, curiosity, and excitement to teach and learn in community!

2019 Study Groups

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Study Group Readings — Key Takeaways

Session #2 – Financing Maryland’s all-payer model— achievements, challenges, and next steps (article discussion)  Key Takeaways:  In the past three years Maryland reduced hospital spending while simultaneously improving quality of healthcare services  Maryland’s hospitals unified embraced a statewide global payment system  … Read more

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