Women’s health council writes up a storm!

While most people were preparing to watch the Super Bowl, nine members of the Women’s Health Council were getting together to turn their ideas into articles. Two groups met up in person, in Boston, MA and Traverse City, MI, and others called in via Skype from New York City, Las Vegas, and Roanoke, VA. 

Participants started by introducing themselves and why they decided to write about their specific topic. They discussed the elements they need for a good op-ed and how to write an outline. Then they worked in pairs or small groups for several hours just writing and revising. 

Here are just a few of the writing projects RCA members worked on over the weekend: 

Winnie Simpson from is writing about how the budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration may cost seniors millions of dollars when SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Programs for seniors) is cut or eliminated. Simpson is a volunteer at Michigan’s SHIP program, which helps seniors make Medicare-related choices, such as finding the least expensive prescription drug plan for their needs or choosing the best Medicare Advantage plan. 

Yuanhong Du is writing about how hospitals are failing to implement policies that give doctors a chance for a work-life balance, and how they can better support the increasing number of women entering the medical profession.

Bonnie Spanier is writing about how to unmask cancer charities that are scams or outright frauds. Too many “charities” are in fact for-profit organizations, bilking millions from generous Americans. 

Derith Smith is investigating insurance coverage and evidence for alternative and complementary medicine. Defining “integrative medicine” (used in several ways) and each specific type of “alternative/complementary” medicine is a crucial first step to understanding the usefulness of medical systems other than allopathic, ‘conventional’ medicine.

Other topics include how the stigma against home births is harming women, the threat of not vaccinating children, influence of lobbying in animal rights campaigns, and “when experts get it wrong.” Many of the participants plan to meet up again next month to edit their final drafts together.  

If you want to get involved in the next write-a-thon, email Hannah@rightcarealliance.org!