Top 8 great moments from the RCA Congress

On Sunday May 7, the last day of the Lown Institute Conference, old and new members of the Right Care Alliance gathered for a day of sharing, strategizing, and socializing. Attendees got to know each other, discussed council updates and their lists of do’s and don’ts in council breakout sessions, started planning for Right Care Action Week, and brainstormed campaigns for right care to carry out in their region. Check out our top highlights from the day!

Human bingo

#1 HUMAN BINGO – Anyone know how to make homemade pasta? Or have their own podcast? To start off the day, attendees played “human bingo,” asking each other questions to cross off the tiles and getting to know each other in the process.

#2 LIFE IMITATING ART – This organizing campaign (including animated visuals) from the Pennsylvania breakout group to advocate for all pharmacies in PA to post retail prices of drugs.

#3 TWEETS! – Right Care Alliance members were tweeting up a storm at the RCA Congress. Search #Lown2017 to see what they tweeted!

#4 WhyTheyJump – This campaign from the San Francisco breakout group that tackles a $200 million investment on the wrong end of care – We are organizing mental health professionals, pastors, police, EMS, teachers, social workers and counselors to stop the net by organizing social media and physically obstructing construction in order to increase funding for mental health services, housing, food banks, and vocational training. #WhyTheyJump

#5 ASKING BIG QUESTIONS – Attendees asking the big picture questions at the council breakout sessions like, “If we had the best primary care design in the universe, what would it take to get our colleagues, patients, and community members to join in and build that system?”

#6 PASS/CATCH – Attendees stretching their legs with a goofy game of “Pass-catch.” Don’t forget the sound effects!

#7 AWARDS – Recognizing exceptional organizing and leadership in the Right Care Alliance with our first-ever RCA Awards. Congrats to all the winners!

#8 ALL OF YOU – Last but not least… All of you! The RCA Congress could not have been what it was without all of your participation. From all of us at the Right Care Alliance staff, thank you!