Steering Committee meets for leadership summit

The Right Care Alliance Steering Committee recently met in Boston for a leadership weekend, their first in-person meeting all together since the committee was announced at the Lown Conference. Their goals were to discuss committee structure and governance, address upcoming events and initiatives including Right Care Action Week, and build community among the members.

Right Care Action Week

Planning for Right Care Action Week was a central focus of the weekend. This year’s Right Care Action Week is building on the local organizing work RCA members have been doing throughout the year, to be a focal point in each chapter’s longer-term organizing strategy.

At the summit, the Steering Committee decided on a theme for this year’s Right Care Action Week – exposing and protesting the reasons behind the high cost of medical care. Many committee members have already committed to planning activities for RCAW, including citizen hearings, listening booths, book clubs, op-eds, and more.

The meaning of Right Care

Another exciting initiative the Steering Committee has taken on is creating a definition of Right Care, which will help clarify the identity of the RCA and motivate others to join. Poppy Arford briefed the committee members on the progress of the definition thus far, then the group spent time brainstorming and formulating next steps. The committee created a small task force for the project and a plan to have a completed definition by Labor Day.

A statement of action

At the end of the meeting, committee members wrote a statement affirming the RCA’s commitment to its core values and announcing this year’s theme for Right Care Action Week. The Steering Committee welcomes feedback from RCA members on the statement and the upcoming initiatives – email to get involved.