Statement from the Right Care Alliance Steering Committee

The following statement was written and endorsed by the Right Care Alliance Steering Committee at their leadership summit the weekend of July 22-23. The statement affirms the RCA’s commitment to its core values and outlines a short- and long- term organizing strategy going forward.

July 26, 2017
Boston, MA

We are patients, health care professionals, community activists, caregivers, and families united in a set of common goals and a shared vision for a far more affordable, effective, equitable, and just health care system.

We affirm that Right Care is a human right, that everyone deserves high-quality, affordable health care no matter where they live, what they earn, where they’re from, how they look, or who they love. And we are taking action now to demand and build a radically transformed system that consistently provides the right care for all.

As the Steering Committee of the Right Care Alliance, we are committed to building a mass movement to:

  • Make health care coverage universal: Everybody in, nobody out
  • Improve access to quality, affordable care
  • Realign the financial incentives that currently reward expensive, unnecessary, often unsafe care
  • Hold industry accountable for price profiteering
  • Bring more attention to the underlying social and economic drivers of illness and good health.

In the coming months, the Steering Committee will develop a long-term strategic plan, starting with events to be held around the country – house parties, town halls, citizen hearings, and other forums to address three central issues: Cost, accessibility, and unnecessary and harmful care. We will begin by using this year’s Right Care Action Week events to challenge and change the high cost of health care.

We have dedicated ourselves to this work because we see no one else to do it. We invite all of you to join us, for the sake of ourselves, our children, our professions, and our nation. Together we can create a revolution for radically better American health care.

– The Right Care Alliance Steering Committee


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