RCA members publish op-eds and letters on drug prices!

Since the last Write-a-thon earlier this month, there have been three pieces published by RCA members in local and national media!

Marlene Beggelman, RC Boston member and Steering Committee member, had her op-ed published in the Huffington Post! In the piece, she explains how pharma companies went from heroes to villains, and how we can hold them accountable for out-of-control drug prices. 

Read Marlene’s piece on the Huffington Post here!

RCA member Ann Peticolas had her letter published in the Austin Statesman, offering an alternative viewpoint on Martin Shkreli’s sentencing. 

Read Ann’s published letter in the Statesman

RC Pittsburgh member Cynthia Jankowski had her letter published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, about the rage people are feeling because of high drug prices, and why facing this problem is part of our moral responsibility.

Read Cynthia’s published letter in the Post-Gazette!