Mother’s Day Action on Insulin Featured in US Rep. Schakowsky Remarks

At a May 10, 2018 press conference by leading congressional Democrats, US Representative Jan Schakowsky focused her remarks on the Mother’s Day Action on Insulin campaign being led by the Right Care Alliance:

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I am hoping that around the country we will see moms being honored by their families. 

And there will be some moms who will be organizing around Mother’s Day as part of a campaign to fight skyrocketing prescription drug prices that are threatening their children and in some cases leading to the deaths of their children.

Through the Right Care Alliance they are demanding to know why insulin prices–a drug on the market for over 100 years–why are those pricing soaring out of reach?

They are demanding action from the White House and the Congress to protect their families. No mother should have to worry about whether her child can get lifesaving medicine and no one should be priced out of care because of big pharma and their reign on the price of drugs.

Excessive drug prices force millions of mothers and fathers to make the impossible choice of putting food on the table or filling a prescription while pharmaceutical corporations are making record profits.

These pharmaceutical corporations will keep raising their prices for one simple reason: because they can.

Thanks to everyone in the Right Care Alliance pushing to make our Mother’s Day event a success. It’s great to see our work being talked about by leaders in our nation’s capitol!