Patient Council Hosts Meet & Greet at 2018 Lown Conference in DC!

The Patient Council had a vibrant discussion at lunch on Day 2 of the 2018 Lown Conference in Washington DC, where we chewed on right-care issues that matter to us, along with our sandwiches and salads.

Emerging issues the Patient Council will look at tackling in the coming months:

  • Drug pricing, which is the flagship Right Care Alliance campaign for 2018
  • How the Patient Council can help increase health literacy nationally and locally
  • Improving patient safety, including creating a transparent framework for quality and safety reporting that is co-designed by patients
  • Making patient preferences more central to what happens at the point of care, in the clinic or hospital
  • Meaningful medication review with people/patients and their medical care teams to prevent over-treatment and drug interaction
  • A clear, enforceable national Patients Rights program
  • Price transparency, for everything from drugs to hospital stays and everything in between
  • “How to be an empowered patient” resource guide for members to use in their communities
  • Patient-led, patient-driven national movement to fix the broken US healthcare system

We were joined by journalists Mary Chris Jaklevic of, Liz Szabo of Kaiser Health News, and Amy Holden Jones, the writer and creator of the Fox-TV series The Resident, who are all following the progress of the Right Care Alliance, and the Patient Council, as we storm the barricades in service of making Right Care a reality for all patients – all people – across the nation, and around the world.