Gainesville mourns insulin rationing deaths

The Right Care Alliance of Gainesville partnered with the University of Florida Diabetes Institute to highlight plight of type 1 diabetics through a candlelight vigil honoring the 10 diabetic patients who have died rationing their insulin.

Gainesville RCA Leader Fred Southwick described the consequences of lack of insulin on the body’s metabolism and the dangers of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Members of the RCA, Ricky Ashby and Himanshu Rambhai, then read brief biographies of 4 deceased diabetics and lit a candle for each individual while other RCA members helped light the candles in the audience emphasizing everyone’s support for our fallen diabetics. Next Jeff Santerre, RCA member, read the names of the other 6 fallen diabetics including their ages and dates of death.

Finally Father Allan Bower ended the event with a prayer and Fred Southwick asked the audience to speak out and contact their congressmen and senators. Several members of the audience were inspired to sign up to become active members of the RCA.

They read this prayer:

God created the world and all things in it and entrusted them into our hands that we might use them for our good and for the building up of human society.

Today we pray that God will strengthen those who in their diabetic condition face financial hardship related to their medication needs.

We pray for ourselves than we may encourage and support them in the days ahead.

God of Mercy console those who have lost loved ones due to their inability to afford the costly treatment for diabetes, and support those who continue to struggle with this malady.

Guide us to impress upon those who manufacture these necessary medications to reassess their marketing practices. May concern for the greater good soften their hearts and prompt them to provide reasonable and affordable treatment of diabetes for those so afflicted. Amen.