Gainesville holds vigil for those affected by high insulin prices

(Featured photo credit: Sam Thomas for The Alligator)

The Right Care Gainesville chapter recently held a candlelight vigil to remember those who have died from lack of access to insulin, and to raise awareness in their community about high insulin prices.

The event included speeches from chapter members affected by high insulin prices and information about the rising cost of insulin.

“When I described how the cost of insulin had jumped from $9 per vial to nearly $400 per vial I saw looks of disbelief. This is a 44-fold increase in cost. The public need to understand the consequences of exorbitant drug prices and nothing illustrates this more clearly than insulin,” said Fred Southwick, Gainesville chapter leader.

Father Alan Bower, chaplain at the local hospital offered a prayer of strength for those facing financial hardship, mercy for those who have lost loved ones, and guidance for activists to impress the seriousness of the issue onto drug manufacturers. “May concern for the greater good soften their hearts and prompt them to provide reasonable and affordable treatment of diabetes for those so afflicted,” said Bower.

“The event went beautifully and we deeply touched the hearts of members of the audience,” said Southwick. For more pictures of the event, see the coverage in The Alligator, a local newspaper.