RCA members speak out on EMRs

Members of the Right Care Alliance published an op-ed on Boston Public Radio’s CommonHealth blog decrying the negative effects electronic medical records (EMRs) have had on doctor-patient communication and clinician health.

John Levinson, MD PhD, Bruce Price, MD, and Vikas Saini, MD point out that the current system of EMRs were not created with providers in mind, but as a billing tool. EMRs require doctors and nurses to spend hours each day on administrative tasks, sacrificing precious time with patients. This has given many clinicians “a real sense of betrayal or loss of meaning, that this is not what they went into medicine to do,” said Saini in an audio segment on Radio Boston

Since the op-ed was posted to NPR’s facebook page, the article has been shared over 5,000 times and garnered more than 800 comments.

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