The 2017 Right Care Alliance Award Winners

Right Care Action Week Champion Award

Stephanie Cull

This award honors work on a particularly impactful and engaging activity/activities during Right Care Action Week 2016. These recipients used Right Care Action Week as an opportunity to connect with others and help build the right care movement.

Stephanie Cull, St. Louis University Hospital
Stephanie took RCAW to the next level by implementing What Worries You in multiple ways and integrating into the clinical practice. She gave people WWY cards in the waiting room and into patient rooms, conveyed this information to the patients’ treatment teams, and made sure that everyone taking care of the patients knew their biggest concerns.

Diana Jolles, Frontier University
RCA Nursing Council
Diana organized three story slams, including a collaboration with a local clinic, and expanding the reach of the events with Skype.

Right Care Rising Star Award

The Right Care Rising Star Award honors a young RCA member or team who has demonstrated extraordinary passion for right care and who shows great promise for future leadership in the RCA.

Will Bildsten
RCA Behavioral Health Council
Will has used skills learned from the leadership training to work to building a Twin Cities chapter and coordinating the Right Care top do’s and don’ts for the Behavioral Health council. He is always eager to step up and do what needs to be done.

Connie Shi, Harvard Medical School
Right Care Boston 
Connie helped edit and write call to action letters, participated in Listening Booths and has come to nearly every one of our monthly RCB Steering Committee meetings. She was also instrumental in creating a bridge from our organization to the Family Van project to continue our community networking efforts, while also helping to recruit new members to Right Care Boston from her classmates at HMS and Chan-HSPH.

Right Care Alliance Leadership Award

These awards are given to RCA members or teams who have demonstrated a strong and sustained commitment to right care by taking on a leadership role on a council or chapter, implementing activities for right care, and organizing others in their region or specialty.

Maia Dorsett, Washington University in St. Louis
RCA Emergency Care Council and RCA Steering Committee
Maia has been involved in almost every aspect of Right Care – Right Care Educators, Right Care Action Week, RCA Council, the March for Science, and the RCA Steering Committee. She created the What Worries You project and then expanded it across the country, designing materials, hosting debriefing sessions, and analyzing the responses to highlight the patient experience.

Randi Oster, Help Me Health
RCA Children’s Health Council
Randi is always looking for new skills to learn and new people to talk to about right care. No matter whether they are members of the media, doctors, or even hospital CEOs, she is ready to get them on the side of the RCA. She went above and beyond for RCAW, getting librarians to co-sponsor a listening booth, getting a TV crew to report on the event, and run an hour-long segment on local news.

Casey Quinlan, Mighty Casey Media
RCA Steering Committee
Casey is so valuable to the RCA because she is fearless – she does not hold back when it comes to speaking her mind. At the same time, she is passionate about breaking down silos and partnering with clinicians, which is what the RCA is all about.

Alan Roth

Right Care Alliance Team Award

Kathy Day and Poppy Arford
Right Care Maine, Community Engagement Council
Kathy and Poppy have brought together right care advocates from the far corners of a rural state and conducted What Worries You workshops at conferences throughout the year. Not only do their their personalities complement each other, but they are always supporting and encouraging each other.

Alan Roth and Andy Lazris
RCA Primary Care Council
Andy and Alan have transformed the primary care council by building subcommittees and finding people to lead them, bringing together clinicians and community members, and delegating work effectively.