Join a Council

The Right Care Alliance Councils are groups of physicians, nurses, patients, and other healthcare professionals organized by area of expertise to facilitate programs and actions for right care in their specialty. Each convenes regularly to develop strategy, coordinate efforts, and discuss progress. You need not be a clinician or an expert to join a specialty council.

Patient Council

The Right Care Alliance Patient Council brings together patients and their families to radically transform our health care system into one that places the health and wellbeing of patients first and delivers Right Care to all people.

Primary Care Council

The RCA Primary Care Council brings together family practitioners, internal medicine physicians, patients, and others to advocate for accessible and patient-centered care.

Long Term Care Council

As practitioners, caregivers, concerned citizens and members of the RCA, we assert that long-term care is an essential component of a national healthcare insurance system in which need, not ability to pay, should determine the level of care. Invigorating the political will to achieve a proper plan for universal, high quality long-term care warrants our urgent attention.