The Right Care Alliance (RCA) is a grassroots coalition of clinicians, patients, and community members organizing to make health care institutions accountable to communities and put patients, not profits, at the heart of health care.

We affect change by

  • Conducting local campaigns on right care issues such as primary care access and high drug prices
  • Collaborating with others to identify areas of improvement within clinical specialties
  • Speaking up about the systemic problems in our health care system through op-eds, videos, and other media
  • Listening to experiences of community members and sharing stories
  • Mobilizing for direct action on a national level through events like the Insulin Day of Action

What is Right Care?

Right Care is a human right. It places the health and wellbeing of patients first. Right Care is affordable and effective. It is compassionate, honest, and safe. Right Care brings healing and comfort to patients, and satisfaction to clinicians. Achieving Right Care will require radically transforming how care is delivered and financed.

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“The Right Care Alliance is the only place I have found where clinicians and patients are working together, on a level playing field, to co-create a health system that works for both patients and clinicians.”

– Bill Adams, RCA Patient Council

Steering Committee

The Right Care Alliance Steering Committee is the formal governing body of the RCA. The committee meets regularly and makes collective decisions around strategy, communications, training, and governance within the movement.

May 12 was our National Day of Action on insulin – check out this recap!