There is no greater burden than carrying an untold story.

— Maya Angelou

  • If you are a patient, loved one, health care professional, anyone who has a story to share about their experience with the health care system, we are here to listen, share your story and learn from it.

The power of story telling

Stories are powerful.  We tell stories to connect with others, share our vulnerable and scary moments, express our values and open ourselves up to real, human connection.  By hearing or reading your story, others can realize that they aren’t alone in experiencing something like poor treatment at a hospital, going through a scary disease, burning out as a physician, or whatever your story is about.

How will these stories be used?

These stories will be used to shed light on how broken our health care system is — or what it looks like when it’s working.  They will be used in presentations and publications to change the narrative from “doing more is better” to “doing as much for the patient and as little to the patient.” They will be used to give voice to the patients and providers who are fed up with our system and ready to create something better.

Questions? Comments?