Mission and Vision Statement


A health care system that: offers woman-directed, woman-centered care, adjusts to each woman’s unique physiological, psychological, and social care needs, prioritizes women’s best interests over those of institutions and specialties, and equitably provides a broad array of choices created by and for women.



The Women’s Health Council will achieve our vision through the following actions.

We will…

  1. Join together with other Right Care Alliance Councils, activists, practitioners, patients, scholars, and organizations across the country to promote shared values and catalyze a revolution in women’s health care.
  2. Support our members in creating actions at the ground level to challenge the practices and organizations that stand in the way of our vision.
  3. Help one another with media support in promoting and covering our protest actions, our critiques of the present system, our proposals for change, and our own models of success.
  4. Conduct analyses and provide evidence and education that support a rebalancing of the corporate and institutional control of women’s health care. This can include action on issues (e.g. regulation) at local, state, and national levels.
  5. Actively seek patients’ and practitioners’ input on key areas of need in the reform movement.


Kim DiGioia, MSPH, Co-Chair, Women’s Health Council
Trina Hikel, MD, Co-Chair, Women’s Health Council
Donglin Zhang, Coordinator, Women’s Health Council

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