Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To inspire all of us to work to achieve in healthcare the right amount of care, not too much, and not too little


  • Unite providers, caregivers, patients, families, payers and employers to promote change
  • Participate in the public debate around policy updates
  • Work to transform our health system so that all care is prudent, informed and safe across the continuum, and in concordance with patient goals
    • Further develop communication skills and engagement to enhance relationship-centered care
    • Work with patients and families so that their goals and values frame medical choices.
    • At the end of life, expand skills and systems such the primary palliative care is delivered to all appropriate patients
  • Distinguish opportunities to defend against burnout and to enhance the joy in practice for everyone on the patient’s team.
  • Define better metrics to monitor the effectiveness of screening and prevention
  • Identify robust quality measures that reflect goal concordant care

Organizing Committee

Michael Fine, MD

Board Member, Lown Institute
Health Policy Adviser, City of Central Falls
Senior Clinical and Health Services Officer, Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, Inc

Alan Glaseroff, MD, ABFM

Director of Workforce Transformation in Primary Care, Stanford Health Care
Stanford University

Why did you join the council?

I have spent the past 23 years of my career working towards achieving what is now referred to as the “Quadruple Aim” – better care, better health, lower cost, and joy of practice. Primary care is critical to achieving the four aims, and yet it faces many obstacles in the near future. Only by focusing on all 4 aims can it grow and thrive. The Lown Institute is the leading voice in this work in the US, in that it aspires to build a social movement to transform health and health care that will include all stakeholders.

Giovanna Leddy, MD

Internal Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Bio coming soon

Stephen Martin, MD, EdM

Barre Family Health Center & University of Massachusetts Medical School

Bio coming soon 

Felice Meadow, DO, FAAFP

Staff Physician
AFC Urgent Care

Why did you join the council?
Patient alienation, Physician burnout, Insurance company tyranny and Fear of liability  all contribute to the problem of providing the right  care at the right time in the right place at the right cost for all our patients. These are the problems being addressed and studied by the Primary Care Council of the Lown Institute. As my career nears its end, I want to be part of an organization committed to untangling this mess in a thoughtful, intelligent, respectful  way.

Elizabeth “Li” G. Nilson, MD

Program Director of Internal Medicine
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Bio coming soon 

Alan R. Roth, DO, FAAFP (Convener)

Chairman , Department of Family Medicine, Ambulatory Care and Community Medicine
Chief, Palliative Care Medicine
Director, Palliative Care Fellowship Program
Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

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Past Council Projects

Letter to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

March 1, 2016

The Council has recently written a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on quality metrics; view it here.

Right Care Action Week

October 19, 2015

Members of the Primary Care Council have recently written an Open Letter regarding the difficulty for primary care physicians to offer high quality care to patients because of “Quality Measures.” Please read and consider signing this Open Letter to the American Public if you are a primary care physician who feels that current “Quality Measures” place you in positions in which your personal interests are actually in conflict with those of your patients. In an effort to inspire the development of more appropriate quality metrics, this letter is designed to create transparency and stimulate dialogue among all stakeholders: patients, healthcare providers, payers, and policy makers. Join the call to action led by the Primary Care Council and sign the letter today.