Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: To promote right care for children by making pediatrics an equal partner in discussions regarding unnecessary care and interventions, overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Mission:  We will promote right care for children by:

  1. Promoting evidenced-based care in pediatrics
  2. Highlighting instances in pediatrics where unnecessary care is commonly being delivered
  3. Providing a venue for advocacy to those who provide care for children and who are concerned about overtreatment, over-testing, overdiagnosis and children receiving avoidable care.
  4. Encouraging transparent discussions between families and providers surrounding risks and benefits of all proposed interventions.

Organizing Committee

Jose L. Gonzalez, MD, JD, MSEd

Vice-President for Clinical Affairs
Cook Children’s Health Plan; Center for Children’s Health           

Why did you join this council?

I joined this council to be a part of the Right Care coalition to improve pediatric care and avoid inappropriate utilization of healthcare services.

Daniel Nicklas, MD

Children’s Hospital Colorado
2015 Lown Institute Young Innovator Grant Recipient 

Assistant Professor in General Academic Pediatrics, University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Why did you join this council?

I joined because I would like to see medicine move towards a healthcare structure where providers have time to listen and think, and patient’s needs are prioritized over the needs of the system.



Randi Redmond Oster

Help Me Health

Why did you join this council? 

I joined the pediatric council to help empower families to get the “RightCare” for their children by having more confidence to question providers about treatment options. I also want to share the loved one’s perspective with providers when dealing with a sick child.

Ricardo A. Quinonez, MD, FAAP, FHM (Co-Convener)

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Chief – Section of Hospital Medicine Children’s Hospital of San Antonio
American Academy of Pediatrics; Academic Pediatric Association; Society of Hospital Medicine

Why did you join this council?

My main academic and research interest is on overutilization. I led the first pediatric group to develop a list for the Choosing Wisely Campaign and I’m Co-chair of the Value in Medicine Special Interest Group of the Academic Pediatric Association. I believe children are particularly vulnerable to the harms that can come from overuse and overdiagnosis.

Shawn L. Ralston, MA, MD, MS

Section Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
Editor-in-Chief, APP Journal Hospital Pediatrics

Alan R. Schroeder, MD (Co-Convener)

Chief of Inpatient Pediatrics and Director, PICU
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Why did you join this council? 

Professional interests in overuse, “safely doing less”, and shared values/vision with the Lown Institute

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Past Council Projects

RightCare Action Week 2015 Call to Action

The Pediatric (currently, Children’s Health) Council has chosen antibiotic stewardship as their initiative for RightCare Action Week (October 18-24, 2015). They believe that a unified stand promoting this topic will go far to increase awareness and stimulate RIGHT antibiotic use in children. In that spirit, they are asking pediatric healthcare providers to sign this pledge to promote antibiotic stewardship with patients, families and/or colleagues during RightCare Action Week. Join them in their call to action and sign the pledge today.

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