Mission and Vision


In thinking about health system change, it can be too easy to slip into the framework of providers, institutions, policy makers, and payers. This perspective positions individuals, families, and communities as consumers of the professional system, rather than as co-producers of health and health care. The work of the Community Engagement Advisory Council will shift health care to a “we-the-people” system. We will ensure the voices of the patient and the public are heard and the preferences kept front and center in all health care improvement efforts.


The Council will work toward this mission in the following ways:

  • Advise the Clinical Councils of the Rightcare Alliance
  • Delineate strategies to obtain buy-in and encourage participation among patients, the public, and community-based organizations
  • Translate clinical jargon and “medicalese” into plain language


Organizing Commitee

  • Bill Adams
  • David Andrews
  • Poppy Arford
  • Kathy Day
  • Yelena Greenberg
  • Helen Haskell
  • Kathleen Hutcheson
  • Ben Moulton
  • Randi Oster
  • Casey Quinlan
  • Kim Witczak

Meeting Minutes

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