Mission and Vision Statement

The mission and vision statement of the Cardiology Council is currently under review.

Organizing Commitee

William E. Boden, MD, FACC, FAHA

Bio coming soon

David L. Brown, MD, FACC

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John Mandrola, MD, FACC (Convener)

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Dave Martin, MD, FRCP

Chair, Division of Medicine, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
Associate International Director for the Americas, Royal College of Physicians (London)

Why did you join the council?

I am committed to these efforts to restore the patient to the center of focus in healthcare; we need to listen to our patients, to feel and express empathy for their plight, and to provide advice and care that aligns with individual priorities within a framework of rigorous scientific evidence that is free from commercial bias. In my role as clinical leader, educator and advocate, I plan to use what little influence I have to further these aims.

Vikas Saini, MD, FACC

President, Lown Institute

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