What are the Councils? 

The Right Care Alliance is a social movement that is bringing together health professionals, religious and community groups, and the public to advocate for and work toward a new vision of health and healthcare.

The Councils form the organizational structure of the Right Care Alliance. Council members share an understanding that the American healthcare system is dysfunctional and radical change is necessary. They share a vision for a better system—care that is safe, effective, affordable, just, and respectful of patients’ goals and values, and a system that emphasizes community-based primary care, prevention, and public health.

Clinical Councils are groups of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, trainees, and allies who are committed to the movement to transform healthcare. They are organized by area of expertise to facilitate peer-to-peer recruitment and collaboration; each convenes regularly to develop strategy, coordinate efforts, and discuss progress.

The current Councils include:

The goals of the Councils are to:

  • Identify problems of overuse, underuse, and misuse in their specialties and devise means of increasing awareness of these problems, mobilizing action, and building consensus around the need for radical change in the system
  • Recruit new members to the Right Care Alliance
  • Gather enough members to achieve critical mass in local communities and accelerate local partnerships between Right Care Alliance members, community leaders, and the general public

To learn more about Council activities, join a Council, or organize a new Council, contact us at councils@LownInstitute.org.