By signing up to join the Right Care Alliance, you pledge the following:

  • I pledge to help my friends, family, and community understand the harms of too much and too little care.
  • I pledge to ask health care professionals the important questions, and for enough time to discuss them, to ensure that the care they recommend is the care that matters to me and my family.
  • I pledge to advocate for right care for all; care that is universally accessible, affordable, equitable and free from harm.
  • I pledge to work to strengthen the capacity of individuals, families and communities to co-create a better system; to work together for better health, in partnership with health professionals.
  • I pledge to make it my civic duty to improve the health care system, ask elected officials and health care administrators hard questions about what they’re doing to make health care better, and advocate for the health of my community in all the places where I live, work, learn, pray, and play.

As a health care professional (if applicable):

  • I pledge that I will always do as much as possible for and with my patients while doing as little as possible to them.
  • I pledge that I will never let financial incentives influence my medical decisions to avoid care or to offer unnecessary care.
  • I pledge to take all the time I need to listen to my patients and hear their comments.
  • I pledge that I will use my skills and knowledge to offer the best options for care.
  • I pledge that I will never let business considerations, my employers, insurance plans, hospital administration, or government agencies override my decisions to honor patient preferences while providing the right care.

If you do not live in the United States and are interested in getting involved with the Right Care Alliance, please also email in addition to signing up below.