What is the RightCare Alliance?

The American healthcare system is broken.

Healthcare is expensive and wasteful, yet the US ranks poorly on nearly all health outcomes. It is disorganized, frustrating, and unsafe. And it fails to protect the most vulnerable. In countless ways, patients are harmed by the very system that is meant to make them well.

Be a part of the solution.

The Lown Institute’s RightCare Alliance initiative is the first grassroots social movement that brings together health professionals, religious and community groups, and the public. Together we are working toward a society in which the right care is accessible by all. We believe this will be made possible through a collaborative process that engages local healthcare institutions and the community in the stewardship of resources for health.

“I feel [the Lown Institute is] an island of sanity in a healthcare system that badly, badly needs that.”

–Don Berwick, former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Join the RightCare Alliance.

We are connecting like-minded people across the country and building a coalition to stand up for what healthcare should be. To get involved:

  • Join a RightCare Council. Learn more here.
  • Add your name to our email list
  • Sign the RightCare Declaration
  • Host a house party or organize a RightCare Conference

We promote educational models that train clinicians in providing the RightCare. To get involved:

  • Host a RightCare Rounds in your institution
  • If you have an idea for training students or residents in right care, we can help you develop it, test it, and share it with others.
  • Participate in the Do No Harm Project
  • Join a webinar

We’re helping to expose the problems in healthcare, and showing physicians and other clinicians what the healthcare system could look like. To get involved:

About the Lown Institute

The Lown Institute, a nonprofit, action-driven think tank, is dedicated to transforming the culture of medicine and building a healthcare system that is affordable, effective, personal and just. The Institute was founded by renowned cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Bernard Lown, MD, and supports his vision for compassionate healthcare. Visit www.LownInstitute.org and follow us on Twitter at @LownInstitute.